I’m a Berlin-based journalist covering right-wing extremism, antisemitism, racism and conspiracy ideologies. I’m an editor at Belltower.News, a journalism project launched by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. For Belltower.News, I covered the Halle trial in 2020 against a far-right terrorist who attempted to storm a synagogue and murdered two people. I’m currently working on a book chapter on antisemitism and techno, which will be published in late 2021. When I’m not researching and documenting the far right, I spend my time on dancefloors and in theatre stalls, writing about club culture and performance. My work has been published in the taz, Jungle World, der Freitag, Exberliner Magazine, Siegessäule and Der rechte Rand. I write in German and English.

Wanna chat? Shoot me an email: hello/at/nicholaspotter.net. (pgp key)